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Path of Sorrow 2
23.08.2010, 18:54

Path of Sorrow 2 
Аниме: Bleach
Музыка: Apocalyptica - Path, NiN - Hurt
Рейтинг клипа на AMV News: 4.33 (63 голоса) на 21.08.2010
1 место на New Year's 2010 AMV Contest

Комментарий автора: Insane that it actually got done. I had to re-render this thing like 20 times until my computer could actually manage to render it. Put plainly - Take all the time i've put on my previous AMVs and multiply it with 2 and that's the time i've put into this one.

Story: When ichigo was young he lost control to his hollow and he tried to kill his sisters Karin and Yuzu, his mother gave her life to protect them. His mother was at the time all that he had, the only person he loved and the only person he cherised. Sometime afterwards (like 10+ years) he met Orihime a girl that reminded him of his mother, he would spend time with her for nothing more than to remember his mother. She on the other hand fell for the sad boy. Ichigos inner self is distorted he HATES hollows, yet he cannot get rid of his own.. infact he's started to enjoy the presence of it.. it removes his sorrow if only for a brief moment.. He decides to embark his hollow side in order to avenge his mother... each enemy slain eases the pain as he turns into a darker self. Now faced with two hollows stronger than anything before (Grimmojow/Ulquiorra) they resemble his inner hollow.. he hates them and he cannot allow himself to be beaten by someone like them.. someone like his own hollow. He drags out more and more of the hollow power he's willing to die if only it would kill them aswell. His power expands becomming vastly greater than both Ulquiorra and Grimmojow combined. He's toying with them. During all of this Orihime is calling out for him, but he doesn't see her.. doesn't hear her.. until finally he hears "ICHIGO DONT DIE".. he remembers who he is.. what he is, what she is.. and in Orihime he can see his own mother. This is not how she would've wanted Ichigo to avenge her, instead he focused his entire strength and willpower on one single task. Destroy his innerself, it doesn't matter if he dies as long as it dies with him. As Ichigo overpowers his hollow - the fight against Ulquiorra and Grimmojow is quickly changing now it's them who's toying with him.. and in the end killing him.

Собственное мнение: В меру красиво, динамично. Даже сюжет есть, вот только какой-то слабо связанный. Напрягает текст и озвучка одновременно (а то что эта самая озвучка английская большей частью... я лучше вообще ничего говорить не буду). За то техника на высоте. (c) D_R_
Моя оценка - 4,6

* Рекомендуются базовые знания английского языка.
* Возможно содержит спойлеры.

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